Dear ADHD…

Posted: January 13, 2011 in ADHD
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Here’s a weird admission: I kind of like you.

I don’t always like you. You get on my nerves a lot. And, of course, there was a time that you nearly killed me. But I guess that wasn’t all your fault — you were just being yourself, and I didn’t take care of myself. You’re like a little kid — I’m the adult, I knew better, and I didn’t do what needed to be done.

Maybe that’s why I’m fond of you. You are like a little kid, and because of that you let me be like a little kid sometimes. And little kids are fun. They’re creative and goofy and spontaneous and mischievous and uninhibited. In that sense, you’re the best things within me.

Of course, little kids are also irresponsible, prone to deception of themselves and others, often unruly, and poorly organized. Those things aren’t exactly the bees’ knees when you’re an adult.

But so what? The good makes you worth hanging around. You entertain me. Now that I have some ways to control your bad side, I’m far more comfortable just watching you be your wacky self. That doesn’t mean that you don’t cause me to struggle on a regular basis. It just means that the struggle is worth the payoff.

I wish OCD could be more like you. When you have a free minute, I’d be grateful if you could have a word with him.

What am I talking about? You’re going to forget all of this the minute you look away.

Ah well. You’re still aces. Sometimes.

Amusedly yours,


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