I wrote a letter to all my neuroses. I had some things I needed to get off my chest.

Ever since then I’ve been singling them out, one by one. Screw silence. Listen up!


I write stuff.

No, seriously. I write stuff.

Here’s one of my ongoing projects.

Here’s another place where I blog.

This is my Facebook writing page.

You want to know more? Not sure what to tell you. I’m not old, but I’m not young. I’m not tall, but I’m not short. I have testicles, but the whole male/female thing is stupid. I have clown feet. My hair’s receding a bit. I once ate a crusty dragonfly carcass off a car grill for $2.71.

Yes, I’m real. And yes, the neuroses are real. And yes, they’re official diagnoses (you know, from qualified, trained professionals authorized to make them).


  1. adhdcanuck says:

    Bwahahahaha just awesome.
    Dear ADHD got my attention promptly, of course though I was deeply tickled by Dear OCD.

    Thanks for saying hello on my blog and sharing your own stuff!



    • Glad I found your blog! It’s excellent. The ADHD posts about driving made me crack up. People always wonder why I get so cranky when they talk to me when I’m driving. They don’t realize they’re just placing their own lives in jeopardy. haha


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