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I find it entertaining when my friends use “tourettesing” as a verb. I thought you should know. I’m not sure how it started, but it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite neologisms.

It seems pretty apt, actually. Most people are uncomfortable with using the word “twitch” for some reason — my theory is that they’re afraid of making their friend sound like Lindsey Lohan in detox — and few people throw “tic” around in everyday conversation. Except maybe doctors and entomologists, but I’m thinking the latter are referring to ticks, not tics. Anyway, point is it’s apt because it puts the disorder right into the symptom. No longer do I have tics — I simply have Tourette’s! Yeah, I knew you’d like that, Tourette’s. You’re kind of full of yourself.

So yeah, I approve, but I’m just wondering how far this might go. I’m thinking there’s a line to be drawn somewhere.

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Thanks for not slapping me with coprolalia. That was real nice of you. Have to say, you totally did me a solid there.

Yeah, I know this is the first thing people think of when they think about you, the swearing and the ranting and the general inappropriate hilarity of spazzing in pure profanity. These things are almost synonymous now. Kind of ridiculous, when you think about it. Only about 10% of those people you bother on a regular basis show any signs of coprolalia. It’s kind of like assuming everyone you see with an amputated foot or leg must be diabetic. But I guess losing a leg just isn’t as sexy as blurting out someone’s mother is a sphincter-spelunking whore.